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  • Eilik – an Electronic Cu

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    ABUNDANT INTERACTION – Eilik is more than robot – she is a funning and interactive companion robot. When she meets another Eilik and connects with each other, they will chat, play and also fight or quarrel. Plus, If there is a group of Eilik, they will also have a party time!
    ALWAYS EVOLVING AND ADAPTING – With frequent firmware updates and new interactive content, Eilik will always evolving and adapting to new emotions, functions, and games, this cute little bot keeps getting better, smarter, and more entertaining!
    DESK BUDDY – As a cute and fun desktop toy, Eilik can be touched at any time for interactive and amusement, plenty of cute and funny idle animations to keep you entertained while you work or study!
    AMAZING GIFT EVER – Surprise your loved ones with the most amazing gift ever! Eilik is an Companion for children, boys, girls, adults, and even elder people! Perfect holiday gifts!